Drawing A Day

Recently I started an artistic practice of aiming to do a piece of digital artwork on a more or less daily basis. The artwork is not really a problem as the intent is not to create a spectacular finished piece. It’s not meant to be a classic piece but a practice one. If I don’t like it I can always do another one tomorrow.

The real difficulty is finding a daily block of time in my life to allow me to do the work. So I do one when I can, as I can, with the aim of doing one daily.

But I’ve grown tired of my current theme, so to speak, for the practice art. I’ve hit a roadblock and haven’t done any in a week or so. My original plan was to do cups, containers, glasses, of various sorts. I managed to do about a dozen before the enthusiasm died out. Attached to this post is one of my favorites of the Cup series. There are a few ideas I have for the next round of work.

I also realized that the phrase “Drawing A Day” has two meanings depending on how you emphazise the words. It could mean, the original idea, doing a drawing every day. But it can also mean doing a drawing OF a day, like a journal or diary image showing what has happened on a particular day.

Indeed some of my Cup Drawings included things that referenced what was happening on that day. An obvious one, at least it seems obvious to me, is how at one point the drawings started having a blue and yellow background in reference to the flag of Ukraine.

At this point I haven’t decided what direction I’ll take with the next round of daily work but we’ll see how it goes.


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